Hey, guys! Today I released the third chapter of my ongoing Half-Life 2 side-story, The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage! It was featured on Kotaku quite a while back, but I hardly think it worthy of getting a news post again - still, I wanted to share it with everyone, so I thought of trying out Talk Amongst Yourselves.

You can check the comic out at Metrocop, my blog, through the following link. Alternatively, just click at the pretty and extremely misleading cover for the new chapter, seen below (but take note, I recommend you read the first two chapters beforehand):

And, just for the record, I make absolutely no money off my little "site"-blog, so it's not like I'm advertising for profit. It just took a lot of time and effort and I want to share it with the world - hopefully that's okay.

I really hope you'll like it! Leave a comment here or at the site so I can know your thoughts about it.